Counselling & Psychotherapy
Counselling & Psychotherapy

Nick Valentine


"Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed... It means the damage no longer controls our lives"  

Akshay Dubey

My name is Nick Valentine & I am a Clinical Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Workshop Facilitator practicing in Pascoe Vale, Victoria.
You may have arrived here in search of counselling support & guidance to understand & process some significant issues that you have been facing in your life. Whether these issues are clear or vague, niggling or intrusive, individual or relational, I hope to be able to help. 
Reflecting on my own journey, it has been the experience of safe connectiongenuine care in key relationships that has ensured my personal growth, deepening awareness of human experience, embodied healing & capacity for acceptance & love. In turn, I have become passionate about working with people as a Counsellor & Psychotherapist, and I endeavour to offer the same gifts via the therapeutic relationship, to assist development & healing. 
I believe our deepest wounds occur in relationship, but so too can profound healing when there is a sense of safety & trust in the relationship and the relational field. I endeavour to help create a felt sense of empathy and collaboration, which is the basis upon which self understanding and healing can expand.   
I also respect the uniqueness & sacredness of human experience, & I highly value individual autonomy & agency. Therefore, I endeavour to provide an embodied sense of curiosity & exploration (instead of assessment & judgement), & authentic alliance & collaboration (instead of interpretation & instruction) in my practice. 
As a sensitive being & someone who has engaged in personal therapy, I understand the courage it takes to engage in a therapeutic process, & so I always endeavour to help create safety & ‘hold the space’, with deep compassion & precise attunement.
In doing so, we can ensure capacity for:
Mindful exploration of cognitive, emotional & somatic experience in relation to specific issues or triggers;
Understanding patterns of experience & their origin; 
Discernment of patterns as helpful or unhelpful in the present context; 
Safe processing of relevant traumatic material & / or attachment themes; & 
Enhancing resources, adaptability & overall functioning.
I welcome you to make contact, & to ask any questions that might help you decide if I am the right Counsellor for you.
If you decide that I feel like a good fit  for you, I look forward to supporting you on the therapeutic journey towards healing 
I wish you well in achieving your personal goals and healing
Please see the Counselling page for more information
You may have arrived here in search of workshops that feel relevant to you, your partner, & / or your work colleagues. 
Regardless of your specific topic of interest, I believe I can help. 

I endeavour to foster a safe & secure setting when I facilitate workshops, & I focus on holding a space that offers deep support, learning, & growth for all participants.

As a participant in, & facilitator of, many workshops throughout my life, I hold a deep gratitude for the richness of learning they provide. 

In particular, I have come to appreciate the lasting value of connecting in a learning space with like-minded & like-spirited people around a common topic of relevance and interest. 

In addition to the richness of connection & learning from others, workshops typically provide people with new ways of thinking, new skills, enhanced motivation, new opportunities, & a chance to have fun. 

I have gained extensive qualifications & experience in facilitating mental health workshops throughout my career, including customised workshops for organisations, & I continue to facilitate a variety of workshops on a regular basis. 

Please see the Workshops page for more information

I also offer counselling and workshops via zoom, in the cases where face-to-face meetings are not possible.
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The Healing Space


The Healing Space has been designed, built, & decorated to be inviting, comfortable, & safe for people engaging in therapy.

It is attached to my own home, but double brick separates the room from the rest of the house, ensuring complete privacy. It features french doors & skylights to invite natural light & therefore provides peaceful ambience.

I offer water and organic tea to all clients. The room itself includes a comfortable three seater couch, arm chair, office chair, yoga cushions, comfortable blankets, & a whole array of tactile objects to help with containment, grounding, & somatic resourcing. The room also contains a plant, a terrarium, warm paintings, a colourful rug & a scent diffuser, to finish off this ideal space for the healing process. 

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