Past Workshops - Presented by Nick Valentine

Past Workshops - Presented by Nick Valentine

Workshops aim to provide people with a safe and supportive environment to learn about and connect on topics of relevance and interest. People have the opportunity in a workshop space to learn from and support each other in understanding particular issues / topics.

Best practice adult learning principles, and my experience of developing and delivering a range of workshops and programs over several years, informs Healing Phase’s training methodology. My training approach recognises that adult learners bring their own life experience and knowledge to the group process, are self-directed and self-motivated, want to be actively involved in the learning process, and want to know how the material being provided is relevant to their own goals and priorities. 


I am a registered Program Facilitator with a wealth of practical and applied experience across a range of settings including government, not-for-profit, and private organisations. 

I am a qualified workshop facilitator and have facilitated many face-to-face and online workshops, in sectors including correctional services (in custody and in the community), family services, legal services, and emergency services.


Topics of previous workshops have included:

Trauma and the Body, Mental Health and Resilience, Mental Health Resources for COVID-19, Self Care and Healthy Functioning in a Stressful Work Environment, Legislation and Leadership, People Focused Leadership, Equal Opportunity, Protecting Against Burnout, Vicarious Trauma & Compassion Fatigue, Having Difficult Conversations, Sensorimotor Resourcing, Mindfulness, Violence Awareness, Anger Management, Addictions, Relationship Skills, Recovery from Sexual Abuse, Family Violence, Anger Management for Men, and Parenting After Separation.


I offer a broad range of workshops, which cater for a variety of needs.


You can contact me directly to discuss current workshops and webinars being facilitated, and / or potential future workshops that I could tailor and facilitate for you / your organisation.

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