Past Workshops - Presented by Nick Valentine

Past Workshops - Presented by Nick Valentine

You may have arrived here in search of coaching & consultancy services to help you, your colleagues, your team & / or your organisation in managing & responding to complex issues in the workplace, which are impacting employee performance, productivity, mental health & wellbeing. I believe I can help. 
I understand that issues in the workplace can be complex, & therefore that people sometimes need extra assistance to navigate through these issues in a safe and helpful way.  I am skilled in being able to help people manage & respond to issues that feel stuck, in a way that enhances their learning & confidence & can ensure the best possible outcome. 
I have worked as a consultant & advisor with several organisations & privately, & I continue to provide coaching  & consultancy services.
Please see the Consulting page for further details of consulting & coaching services.

Consultancy and coaching support services are also available to assist leaders / employees in managing and responding to complex issues in the workplace, which impact employee performance, productivity, mental health and wellbeing.

Complex issues in the workplace can include:

Complex mental health, behavioural and / or performance issues. 

Inappropriate displays of emotions, views and behaviours.

Complex relationship dynamics and interpersonal conflict. 

Change and transition, e.g., restructures, redundancies and employee termination.

This service aims to assist leaders in:

Learning helpful coaching frameworks that can guide effective interactions and responses. 

Developing practical skills and helpful language in managing complex and sensitive issues.  

This service is offered in relation to specific workplace situations and issues, and so it involves an initial case consultation to determine the specific needs and level of service required. 

If you are interested in booking an initial case consultation, please visit the following link to complete an 'Expression of Interest' form:

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